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3 Great Apps for Podcast Listeners

I love my podcasts. I also love free things.

Combine those two and you have got the three apps that I use for my podcast listening.



I do not use this app nearly as much. However, my favorite True Crime podcast is featured here so I keep it around. The Vanished Podcast is my go to for this app, yet I did have quite a listening spree for Guys We F****d if you are into kinkier comedy so to speak. Also, “big” Youtubers such as Jenna Marbles and Shane Dawson also have their podcasts featured on Soundcloud which is always fun


Spotify is mainly my hub for all things music. Though I do have one podcast I listen to specifically through this app called Generation Why (another true crime podcast, shocker). Spotify is also the perfect outlet for all your musical and movie soundtrack needs. I may listen to RENT every other day.

iTunes Podcast App

You think that the app that comes with the iPhone setup would have been my first go to for podcasts, but nope! For some reason it didn’t click with me until the podcast series STown came out and that was the easiest free option I found to tune in. Other than binge listening to STown, I also enjoy using this app for My Favorite Murder and Sword & Scale.

Yes, my genre of podcasts is very narrow, however, don’t think that is ALL these apps have to offer. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of great content you just have to search until you find your niche!

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