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80’s Movies Round-up (Part 1)

There’s something¬†about the clothes, demeanor and perfect soundtrack that makes 80’s movies absolutely amazing. Now I am a full blown 90’s baby, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the beautiful cinema creations from the years before my arrival. Here are some of my favorites, and of course links to buy them on Amazon (I am here for you).

The John Hughes Movies

Sixteen Candles (circa 1984), Breakfast Club (circa 1985), and Pretty in Pink (circa 1986) were back to back hits. Molly Ringwald was a goddess, John Hughes was a genius and everyone adored Duckie. What a time to be alive, even though I wasn’t alive yet.

Love and Comedy

1987 had an amazing year with these classics. If you don’t adore Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson trying to care for a baby who just showed up on their doorstep then you have no soul! Just kidding, but come on Three Men and a Baby is great. Then of course these is Dirty Dancing, the golden classic that I will forever watch over and over again. And one that is literally so close to home, Can’t Buy Me Love. A young, charming and sexy Patrick Dempsey making girls swoon as the nerdy wannabe. FUN FACT did you know that McDreamy actually lived in the next town over from my own hometown. A little community called Buckfield, ME. He visits the area often with the charity and Dempsey Challenge each year. Our very own small town Maine celebrity.

Under-appreciated Classics

Then there was 1989, a cooky combination of equally as perfect 80’s movies. Look Who’s Talking has a soft spot in my heart. Maybe it is my slight obsession with young John Travolta. All I can say about Teen Witch is that it is pure perfection. The nerdy girl finally gets those powers we have always wanted and pretty much everyone around her grovel at her feet. The dream. And who could forget John Candy in Uncle Buck? A great family comedy for all.

But let’s be honest, there are so many amazing 80’s movies. Too many to put on one blog post. So stay tuned for Part 2 of 80’s Movie Round-up, coming soon!

1 thought on “80’s Movies Round-up (Part 1)”

  • Uncle Buck is a classic!
    I watched three men and a baby until the tape died when I was a kid.

    Will definitely have to dig some of these out on amazon this week.

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