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Making $40 in my Fourth Month Blogging | Progress Report

Making $40 in my Fourth Month Blogging | Progress Report

Expert bloggers tend to create monthly income reports to share with viewers in hopes to help them take away from their own experiences. This is something I love looking into. I find it intriguing to see other bloggers succeed and make a living wage doing what they love. This is something I hope to accomplish one day, and use every day as an opportunity to progress towards that.

With that being said, this is my first income report. However, as a beginner blogger, I prefer to call it a “Progress Report”. I may not be making the big bucks this month, but I am making more than I ever had. To me, that is progress!

Like every month there are strides and there are setbacks as I continue working towards building my blog.

Last Month’s Goals: And Did I Accomplish Them?

  • Reach 20 Followers on Pinterest: Yes!
  • Hit 1,600 followers on Twitter: No, but not far off.
  • Reach 300 Blog Views in the month of December: Yes!
  • Create a Facebook Group: Absolutely.

This month has felt amazing being able to check off more than half of my goals for the month of December. Progress has been made that has made me feel confident that I am on the right path.

Social Media Stats & Gains

Instagram: 288 Followers (8 more than last month)

Twitter: 1,467 Followers (+70 followers)

Pinterest: 23 Followers and 42.7k monthly views (+9 followers and +15.4k views)

Social media isn’t everything. However, in the beginning stages of blogging, it can be crucial to keep your readers up to date and show off your personality. If they don’t know you exist through these outlets they may not find their way to your blog.



I wanted to section off Facebook for its own spotlight this month. My Fall for Maine Facebook Page has been an outlet to share my post with family members who may not know how to access my blog otherwise. However, Facebook has also been a huge factor in skyrocketing my blog this month.

The secret to this success was simply just joining Facebook Groups. Preferably ones that support other bloggers and/or the niche that applies to my blog. Most groups have guidelines, therefore, promotion can be a bit difficult. But once you find the ones that fit your blog well it can really help your views take off! I will be writing a post all about this in the early months of 2018, so stay tuned!

Blog Statistics Progress

If you are a new blogger and interested in taking to the leap to a self-hosted site, I recommend taking the leap to SiteGround.

To read up more about the process and my decision to switch over check out; Choosing SiteGround over Bluehost.

Web Hosting

Views: 866

Visitors: 611

Likes: 1

Comments: 31

This month has skyrocketed! I have read that you can post every single day and still not have interaction, however, one great post can change everything. It truly is all about quality over quantity in the blogging industry.

My viewing statistics have risen over 400, and I have had more interaction through comments than ever before.

Email Subscribers

17 Subscribers

Email subscribers is a new addition for the month of December. I decided to climb on the blogging expert help train and take a 10 day challenge course. This course was provided by the wonderful, intelligent bloggers at It’s a Lovely Life.

Heather and Pete created a free, comprehensive course on how to start a money making blog and be successful while doing so. One day of this course touches base on setting up your own email newsletter in order to intrigue subscribers. I definitely encourage beginners to join their course, and check out my own email newsletter to see how I have set it up!

Check out my free crash course on the Tailwind App for Pinterest by subscribing a Fall for Maine! You will get a walk-through of how to join and schedule your first pin!

Am I Making Money?

If you came here just for the money portion, congratulations you have made it!

Google Adsense

This month’s success is all in part to Google Adsense. To join check out my Easy Guide to Joining Google Adsense and get the low down on what you need to know!

When it comes to Adsense it is all about encouraging traffic towards your site. Once they are there, it is kind of out of your hands. Each ad click has a certain amount of profit attached to it. Therefore, anytime a person has clicked on an ad through my site I have earned a very minimal amount from pennies to one dollar. As you have noticed, this can add up.

Google Adsense: $39.51

This is by no means an easy task and you cannot just get clicks out of nowhere. As I have mentioned above, creating interesting content that you are passionate about is the biggest “trick” to gaining any sort of profit.

Affiliate Marketing

Some bloggers prefer not to take the Google Adsense route and do not believe in pushing ads onto their viewers. If this is the case, affiliate marketing is another great option with millions of opportunities.

Affiliate marketing is collaborating with a certain retailer to promote their products for viewers to purchase. If you encourage a purchase you receive a small percentage of the sale made. Each program has their own guidelines and interest rates per item. I have yet to make great gains in the aspect, however, I did have my first sale in the month of December.

Amazon Affiliate: $0.00 (I have over 70 clicks, however, no purchases)

Target Affiliate: $0.80 (My first every sale!)

Grand Total: $40.31

With Google Adsense and affiliate marketing combined I have made a little over $40.00 for the month of December. In the past four months of blogging I never thought I would reach a milestone such as this so quickly. To some, this may not seem like much, but to a beginner blogger like myself this is close to hitting the jackpot!

Setting Next Month’s Goals

Setting goals each month is a great way to stay accountable and to keep track of your progress. I am excited to look back a year down the road to see where it all started. Each month I set four attainable goals to check off monthly!

Hit 1,000 Blog Views in the month of January

Re-Vamp my Pinterest and Reach 30 Followers

Reach 200 Facebook likes

Send out another free educational newsletter

This Month’s Top Posts

Easy Guide to Joining Google Adsense

Choosing SiteGround over BlueHost

Gilmore Girls Gift Guide

Tayla Tip

A budding feature I plan on doing each month on a tip that I have learned along the way.

Take more time to create one really great post. When I first started blogging I had scheduled myself to blog three times per week, each post only ranging around the 300 character mark with less substance. I have now realized one really long, informative post that is promoted frequently can go a much longer way. Once again, quality over quantity!

And as always, don’t forget to connect with me on all social media platforms linked above! With January right around the corner there are a lot of helpful new year, new you” guides coming your way!















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