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10 Clever Spring Cleaning Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

10 Clever Spring Cleaning Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

Spring has arrived! The snow is melting and the forecast here in Maine is looking good. It is now the perfect time to give your house a deep clean before you get too busy with summertime activities. I don’t know about you, but cleaning is not my favorite thing to do. I absolutely love the results but hate the process. With all the dirt and grime that builds up during the winter along with the mud that will soon be tracking its way in, cleaning can be overwhelming this time of year.

Thanks to some amazing cleaning gurus there are some clever spring cleaning hacks that will blow your mind and make life a whole lot easier! I have compiled a list of cleaning tricks that will be sure to give you results in half the time.

1. The Magic of Shaving Cream

Don’t you hate looking into the mirror to see all the water stains and dust staring back at you? Spray the shaving cream all over your mirror and wipe clean with a cloth. Your mirror will be selfie-ready! This is also a useful trick for all stainless steel appliances and faucets in your home as well.

2. Lemon Hacks

When life gives you lemons, clean with them! There are several ways that you can use that lemon in your fruit bowl to clean up unwanted grime. My personal favorite is putting cut up lemon in a bowl of water and heating it in the microwave. The steam from the water and acidic properties of the lemon will make your microwave so easy to wipe down. Plus, who doesn’t love an all natural cleaner?

3. My Best Friend, Baking Soda

Baking Soda Spring Cleaning

Baking soda is the perfect secret weapon for deodorizing. Sprinkle it onto your couch cushions or carpets, set and then vacuum up to eliminate all those household odors from your pets, and let’s be honest, your kids stink too.

4. Lint on a Lampshade

Have you considered how much your lampshades collect dust? I hadn’t until I saw this hack. Now I need to buy a lint roller immediately. Lampshades can be touch to get the thick grime off of, but rolling that lint roller over it works perfectly.

5. Throw Your Pillows in the Washer

This one I do frequently and live by! If you think about it, your pillows are soaking up all the oil and dirt your head produces. Not to mention if you drool. Just changing out the pillowcase is not doing enough. It is so easy to throw those pillows in the washer with your regular laundry. Learn how with The Happy Homemaker. One thing to be sure of is to make sure they are completely dry so they don’t retain water and mold. Other than that you will be sleeping on fresh and clean pillows in no time!

6. Tong Tips

Blinds and other various vents can get overlooked while spring cleaning due to being so inaccessible. With this clever tip, you vents can now be dust free! Using a dusting rag or cloth and wrap them around each tong and secure with rubber bands. Be sure that you can still open and close them. Then slide them into your blinds and dust away! Super easy and efficient.

7. Citrus and Soap Scum

Cleaning the bathroom is my least favorite task. However, with Spring and Summer on the way, you will probably have more house guests using your bathroom. You do not want them judging you on your soap scum. Like with the lemon trick above, using a citrus fruit like lemon or grapefruit along with some salt can be the perfect scrubber to get that scum out of your tub and sink.

8. Fur Babies Minus the Fur

If you didn’t already know, I got two kittens. I even introduced them to my blogging world here. Though they are super they are definitely double the trouble and double the hair. I have seen this hack a few times during my search so it must work! Put on textured rubber gloves and run your hands through the carpet or over furniture. The gloves should pick up as much hair as possible.

9. Let There Be Light!

Just like the lint on the lampshade I forget how much dust can collect on our light fixtures. Dusting off each light bulb can actually clear some of that grime and bring more light into your home.

10. Coca-Cola in the Toilet

There is something just so wrong about this one that I had to include it. Apparently, you just put a cup full of coke into your toilet and let it sit for about an hour. The chemicals in the soda help lift all the calcium and other grime that sticks to the bowl. I am trying to decide if this is enough to deter me from drinking Vanilla Coke again.

Spring cleaning is the time to look into the deeper side of things. You may mop your floors weekly and wipe down your counters daily but are you really getting to all the smaller, more intricate surfaces? Taking advantage of these 10 spring cleaning hacks will surely make your life a little easier and a lot cleaner.

Do you have any secret and clever hacks that you use to deep clean your home? Don’t hold out on us! Let me know on Twitter or Instagram and maybe your hacks could be added to my next list!

Happy Cleaning!

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