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Festive Fall Burlap Wreath You Can DIY at Home

Festive Fall Burlap Wreath You Can DIY at Home

Nothing lets the neighbors know you love fall like a festive burlap wreath hanging on your front door! Making one at home allows you to add your own personal style and you won’t have that awkward “copy cat” moment with the hobby lobby enthusiast down the street. finished wreath

If you haven’t read my previous $5 Fall Decor post you may not know I’m a fan of creative projects on a budget. This wreath project is no different as all materials come from Walmart and the Dollar Tree.

Items You’ll Need:

products to create wreath
18 inch wire wreath form 

15′ purple burlap

15′ wired burlap ribbon

3 yards orange sparkle tulle

Fake flowers 

Miscellaneous ribbon (not used)


Burlap is a priceless commodity when it comes to wreath making, however, the deep purple burlap really spoke to me. I had just enough of each roll to complete the wreath.

Go Ahead, Make Your Burlap Wreath:

purple burlap
Step 1. Weave purple burlap on the outer “levels” of the wire form creating poofs around the outer rings.

(Unfortunately, I forgot plain wire to secure the burlap ends to the form so I had to get creative with twine.)

wire rings close-up
Step 2. Loop the wired burlap in and out of the inner rings to create the look below.

burlap twists layered
Step 3. Continue weaving and layering both burlaps until the ring form is covered all the way around. The form has vertical pieces all around the form to keep the rings in place, I weaved two times per section. Also, keep weaves loose and continue puffing loops so they do not tighten too much around ring. Twisting is also a fine as it adds a more “free form” look.

Wreath layers close-up
Step 4. Once each burlap layer is finished I weaved the orange tulle in and out of every other wired burlap loop.

Once that was all said and done I used the remaining wire burlap to create a bow, which quite honestly I looked up on Pinterest and found a helpful post by MommySuite on DIY Burlap Bow Tutorial.  Disclaimer, I still struggled and it was not as easy as it looks. To cover up some bow mishaps I used the fake flowers and the whole look came together.

Adding something pretty to my not so pretty entry way. 

Front door with burlap wreath

Like I mentioned before these burlap wreaths are not only a perfect addition to your fall home decor they are also the perfect way to create and showcase your own designs!

Show me your wreaths or other burlap crafts you may have tried! Would love to see everyone’s personal takes on this timeless piece.

Stay tuned for more DIY fall decor this Blogtober!


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