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Last Minute DIY Saint Patrick’s Day Tee

Saint Patrick’s Day is this weekend! Have you gotten your green gear? We all know that it is super easy to procrastinate until you realize you have an outing to go to and have zero green attire. With a t-shirt and some transfer paper you will be ready to rock your Saint Patty’s Day festivities with the best of them!

I found similar styles for $20 but this DIY dupe only cost $8!

What You’ll Need:

Step 1.

Print off one or both of my clover graphics using the instructions on your transfer paper packet then cut out each clover leaving a small edge around them.

Step 2.

Once you have your clovers cut out place them wear you would like to go on your t-shirt. Keep in mind that when marking your shirt DO NOT use permanent marker like I did, the clover irons in slightly transparent and you will see the dots. #DIYfail

When printing on transfer paper be sure to create your design backwards as you flip it during the ironing process.

Step 3.

Turn on your iron and allow it to heat up. DO NOT put water in your iron and/or put it on the steam setting as this will mess up the transfer.

Once your iron is warmed up firmly press down on to your transfer paper placement. Iron over your design for about 5 minutes ensuring that all edges are flattened.

Step 4.

Once ironed sufficiently allow designs to cool for about 5 minutes. If still warm, allow more cooling time. Then begin peeking the edges of transfer paper back. If design is still sticking to paper put back and iron some more. If design is sticking to shirt, continue to carefully peel off transfer paper until complete.

You’re Done!

Saint Patrick's Day Outfit

Now that you’ve finished ironing you are ready to rock your Saint Patrick’s Day look! I paired mine with a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans and these mesh slip-ons. Though with the current Nor’easters here in Maine I might need to rethink my St. Patty’s Day outfit this year!

Now you are all set to shake your shamrocks! Let me know if you like these DIY clothing posts on Instagram or Twitter and check out my last DIY project where I upcycle my coffee table!

Go green or go home and have a fabulous Saint Patrick’s Day!!

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