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How Changing These 4 Things Will Double Your Pinterest Following

How Changing These 4 Things Will Double Your Pinterest Following

I’m gonna be honest, it takes time to find the “trick” to the perfect Pinterest following. I struggled with getting views for months and researched every method I could find. I realized that some bloggers can rock certain methods while it just might not work for others. You’ve got to find what works best for you and really be confident. Set yourself up for success.

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First I want to begin by letting you know the tricks that DIDN’T WORK for me. You always want the bad news first, right? While everyone has their own way of doing things these recommended methods just didn’t work out the way I had hoped.

Through my research, I assumed that having uniform boards was key. Each board had a matching cover photo template and my boards were themed to my blog name. Fall for Maine turned my boards into “Fall for FASHION” and “Fall for HOME DECOR”. I thought it was cute.

My overall, board was just as uniform. I do have a photo of myself as my profile picture, which is KEY to more followers because people are more apt to follow a page they know is run by a real person. But that is where my profile personality ended. My profile was just my name, and a crappy explanation of what I do. This is fine for a personal account. For an account that is supposed to drive traffic to my blog, it was inadequate. I had nothing showing I was a blogger or that my content is worthy.

Now that I have taken up your time Pinterest shaming myself, let’s get into how I turned it all around and doubled my following.

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What I Changed to Double my Pinterest Following

To be honest, I overthink everything. Even my social media set up. You will notice that a lot of the “tricks” to amping up your Pinterest is really all about wording. It is that simple. When you see #4 you are going to think “duh that is so obvious”.

1. I Ripped Off the Uniform

The matching board covers work for a lot of people, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t think they were for me. I took them all down and replaced them with pinned photos that represented what the board is about in a more subtle way. I also kept each photo in the same aesthetic, meaning similar color themes and so on. This makes it look cohesive without being too obvious.

2. I Described My Blogger Side

When setting up your profile you have the option to put some more information about yourself. This is an opportunity to explain exactly what you do and what you write about. Highlighting the biggest part of your niche in a few words can really help followers get a good idea if they are interested or not. I filled this out when I first started my blog six months ago, but since then my niche has changed. Check out my 3rd Month Blogging Report on how I struggled to hone my blogging niche.

I advise staying away from a long, bland list of the things you write about. Add as much personality as you can while giving people an overview of what you are interested in. For me, I gave the basics like my age, location and what I do. Then added some personal touches about my love for my fur babies and being a first-time homebuyer. This gives followers things to relate to you on, they will know that your pins go with their interests and will be more encouraged to follow you. These keywords like “DIY”, “Blogger” and “Home Decor” also give you more of a chance to show up in searches.

3. I Elaborated on my Name

Pinterest Following Profile

Once again, when I created this Pinterest profile six months ago the name I put was “Tayla”. Which is valid, I mean that is my name. But it said nothing else about me. Now elaborating through your profile name can happen a few ways.

  1. Just your Name
  2. Just your Blog Name
  3. Your Name & Blog Name
  4. Your Name & Niche

Putting too much up there could feel scattered and overwhelming. Like your description you want it to be as to the point as possible while using keywords that make you easier to find in searches. As you can see my keywords would be “DIY”, “Lifestyle” and “New England”. The most basic yet most obvious ways to represent who I am and what I write about.

4. Switching Up my Board Names

Like everything else I have talked about today, keywords are the most important way to create a like-minded following. Originally when I set up my page I assumed that everything should be picture perfect and match each other. This is not the case. The more natural you keep your profile the better. No one is super interested in following a page that is strictly business.

Including a buzzword in each board, description specifies what is expected when people follow those boards. It is the most simple concept that I am honestly just figuring out. I told you by the end you would say “duh”.

However, sometimes seeing is believing. The moment I changed these four things my Pinterest following spiked within days. Is this how your profile is set up or is something else working for you? Let me know on Instagram or Twitter! I would love to see what methods work the best.

Happy Pinning!

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