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Social Media Strides & Fifth Month Blogging Progress Report

Social Media Strides & Fifth Month Blogging Progress Report

The end of January means the end of my fifth-month blogging! This means I have been a blogger for almost half a year!

Expert bloggers tend to create monthly income reports to share with viewers in hopes to help them take away from their own experiences. This is something I love looking into. I find it intriguing to see other bloggers succeed and make a living wage doing what they love. This is something I hope to accomplish one day, and use every day as an opportunity to progress towards that.

However, as a beginner blogger, I prefer to call it a “Progress Report”. I may not be making the big bucks this month, but I am making more than I ever had. To me, that is progress!

Like every month there are strides and there are setbacks as I continue working towards building my blog.

I recommend to fellow bloggers who would like to build their blogs as well to definitely go self-hosted! I personally use SiteGround and detail why I made this decision in my post Choosing SiteGround over Bluehost.

Web Hosting

Quite honestly, my post count has been at an all time low this month. I could blame it on moving, or work picking up at the day job or just overall laziness. Either way, I did not preform as well as I would have liked. But enough making excuses, let’s see how this month panned out.

Last Month’s Goals: And Did I Accomplish Them?

  • Hit 1,000 monthly blog views in January: My slacker behind got half.
  • Reach 30 Followers on Pinterest: Yes, and then some!
  • Reach 200 likes on Facebook: Not quite.
  • Send out another free e-mail course: Noooope.

So I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to this month. But that is okay! There is always next month, and some strides were made regardless.

Social Media Stats & Gains

Instagram: 308 Followers (+20 more)

Twitter: 1,502 Followers (+35 more)

Pinterest: 56 Followers and 29.5k views (+33 and -13.2k views)

Facebook: 172 Followers (+6 more)

It is exciting to have hit such wonderful milestones this month on social media! However, Pinterest freaked out a bit on a lot of bloggers this month so the monthly view count is a bummer. Did you see a decrease this month?!

Email Subscribers Progress Report

18 Subscribers (+1 from last month)

This is a huge point of struggle for me. Not only do I not know how to gain subscribers, but also what do I send them?! Figuring all this out will take time. Email can be a great tool to gain loyal followers when done correctly.

With this being said, I still have an email crash course still available! All about the Tailwind App and Pinterest! Go to Fall for Maine and enter in your email if you want all the deets!

Am I Making Money?

Last month I really focused on making money through Google Adsense. This was not the case this month. My income was very minimal. However, like I have said before, making money through blogging will not happen overnight. It will not be consistent or super profitable, especially in the beginning stages. But I truly believe with time and effor you can make it work, I can make it work.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense can be a hit or miss depending on the traffic that is coming into your blog. However, it is a great go to for beginner bloggers looking to start their monetization. I have a whole post written on an Easy Guide to Joining Google Adsense that walks you through the process.

I made a whopping $1.49 in the month of January! But hey, at least it is something right?

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is something new I decided to try out this month. I signed up for UpWork and started applying for writing jobs I felt would fit in to my schedule. Once you apply for a job there is either a fixed rate the employer is willing to spend or they ask you to name your price. With this specific job, I was able to make $40. However, working full-time, moving and all the other excuses made it difficult to meet my deadline. Though I did finish the work in time, I think I may take a step back until life is a little hectic before I take on more freelance opportunities.

Let me know if you want a more in-depth explanation of how Upwork works!

Favorite Affiliate of the Month

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make some extra money. I outline on my favorite side hustle programs on my post Choosing Affiliate Marketing for Beginner Bloggers.

This month, the affiliate program I have been loving is Target! Who doesn’t love Target seriously. And with their affiliate program you can link their wonderful products and make a small percentage if any of your readers buy the products you recommend. Of course, I only believe in linking and affiliating with products that I truly love and believe in. So Target was definitely an overall hit!

With the Target Affiliate Program you get first dibs on all the deals! Extra bonuses just like these:

Setting Next Month’s Goals

  • Once again strive for 1,000 monthly blog views
  • Create more Email Content
  • Hit 350 Instagram Followers
  • Hit 100 Pinterest Followers

January’s Top Posts

Affiliate Marketing for Beginner Bloggers

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Tayla Tip!

A budding feature I plan on doing each month on a tip that I have learned along the way.

Don’t stress yourself out trying to keep up with a blogging schedule. Life happens, don’t sweat it. If you have loyal readers they will be there when you get back.




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