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Great Gains in First Month of Blogging – Stats & Goals

Great Gains in First Month of Blogging – Stats & Goals

This first month has not been about getting rich quick. It has been about creating a foundation, learning as I go and bonding with the blogging community. With that being said, I accomplished what I needed to this month.

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Like I have mentioned before, blogging has been a daydream of mine for quite some time. Something that I have started on several different sites but quit after a week or two. Therefore, reaching a month is a big accomplishment by itself! I have also never made my blogging interest public to others, especially family and tangible friends. Once again, this time has been a big social accomplishment thus far.

I intend to put my social media stats amongst other numbers below, not only to share with you what I have done but also to have a digital diary of my progress for me to look back on down the road. Disclaimer: my first month was not a money making month, I have not earned anything but my own personal and emotional feelings of happiness. This will change as I create more and market myself, but you never know what the future will hold for my very new blogging career. With that being said, here is what I have gained technologically.

In the past month I have gained (in followers):

Instagram: About 30 Followers

Twitter: 882 Followers

WordPress.com: 26 Followers

Pinterest: 1 Follower & 5.7k Views

I have recently switched from WordPress.COM to WordPress.ORG and am still working on gaining followers and readers back to my site, along with creating a following through Pinterest. I have joined two Facebook groups, involved myself into blogger chats and have begun participating in more “live” chats. When it comes to actual website stats the numbers have dropped due to me switching to a self-hosted site.

Here are the stats for the past 10 days as a self-hosted blogging site:

12 blog posts, 87 views and 9 comments.

Relationships are key in the blogging community and through twitter I have made great gains in creating friendships with like-minded, creative individuals. I was also able to create my first collaboration post this month.

Next Month’s Goals

Hit 1,000 followers on Twitter

Hit 300 followers on Instagram

1 new colloboration

Gain more Pinterest followers

Top Posts this Month

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2017 Liebster Award







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