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Foolproof Valentine’s Day Gifts That Will Melt Her Heart

Foolproof Valentine’s Day Gifts That Will Melt Her Heart

Valentine’s day is coming faster than you think! And you don’t want to be that person standing in the seasonal aisle the day before Valentine’s Day picking through what is left. Chocolates, flowers, jewelry and lingerie are always the foolproof gifts to celebrate the right way.

Valentine’s Day Bling

With the exception of an engagement ring, expensive jewelry is not my thing. Breaking or losing an expensive piece of jewelry is more likely than not. So honestly, a nice necklace or bracelet from Target would make me so pleased. It’s the thought that counts right?

I don’t know about you but I look for some sort of hidden meaning in EVERYTHING! These jewelry items are a perfectly subtle way to show how much you care. Heartbeats and lovebirds? Come on, what could be more meaningful than that!

Flower Power

Flowers are truly the OG of Valentine’s Day. While some girls may say they don’t like flowers, most women will agree that the sentiment is still incredibly sweet. Here are my favorites:

For Her Sweet Tooth

Let’s be honest, we all have a sweet tooth. And it doesn’t always have to be chocolate! Just as long as you feed your loved one’s sugar dragon you should get some brownie points.


Note how I added the chocolate cigars, not only are they amazing but you can’t leave the men completely out of Valentine’s day!

Lovely in Lingerie

Now this is where you may be on your own! Every lady likes to feel sexy every once and while, but this might be your own personal preference as well.

If you are completely out of your comfort zone you could even get a gift card. Or shop together, make things a little spicy!

Think Outside the Box

Some people aren’t a fan of the ordinary Valentine’s Day gifts. Being unexpected can be nice!

Pampering is always the perfect gift to give. Anyway to unwind, relax and get comfy is the key to a woman’s heart. Or at least mine!

Plus if you give your lady a bottle of wine and a pillow to pass out once she has finished the whole bottle, you are winning at life.

So make this year’s Valentine’s Day special by skipping the drugstore holiday section and go straight for some foolproof surprises for your loved one! What is your go to gift for this loving season?

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