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Friday Favorites 3.9.18

This week has been interesting, especially in the weather department. We started out with DIY projects in the sunshine last weekend to over a foot of snow last night! Maine is a weird place. I can’t decide if I want to go full force into Spring or enjoy what is left of Winter and my favorites are all over the place because of it. Other than that, Friday came faster than anticipated. The weekend will fly by even faster. My dad is coming to visit from Vermont and my sister and I are co-planning my niece’s 8th birthday party. Should be a great weekend filled with family. But let’s look back on a few of my favorites this past week!

One. My Fern.

I have been eyeing this beauty at Walmart all week as they start setting up for spring. I finally took the plunge and bought my new fern home. The kittens were a little bit too curious at first, however, they have warmed up to their new friend. Now I am just starting to sound like a crazy plant lady along with the cat mom thing.

Two. The Nor’easter.

I had a love-hate relationship with our most recent Nor’easter. I am so excited for spring but the results from this storm were absolutely stunning that I couldn’t pass up a mini photo session.

Three. Bath Bombs.

Friday Favorite Bath Bomb

I snagged the Galaxy Bomb from Da Bomb Fizzers at Target many moons ago and finally decided to try it out. The results were amazing! The whole tub turned blue and this little alien was in the core, super fun surprise. As I was looking up the link to share with you all I realized that these bath bombs are created by two teenage sister entrepreneurs, which makes them even cooler! You go girls!

Four. Phone Wallpapers

Wallpaper Favorites

I have been super inspired lately to create my own digital prints and have an Etsy shop in the works as we speak. To test out some ideas I created 10 FREE phone wallpapers that I have linked here, for everyone to try out! Super excited to start this new endeavor in hopes that people will love what I create.

Five. Cat Toys.

My kittens are becoming more spoiled by the second. I just ordered a bunch of adorable new toys from Chewy and they are so cute! They now have their own teddy bears and cat teepee to add to their growing collection. I had to step away from my online cart before I spent my whole paycheck on cat toys.

Six. Upcycled Coffee Table.

Remember that DIY project I meantioned earlier that I worked on in the beautiful spring teaser we had last weekend? Here it is! I am so in love with how this turned out. Get the full DIY tutorial here. I already have a million more ideas that I want to start working on!

Super excited to spend some quality time with my family this weekend and can’t wait to show you all the favorites I find for next Friday!

Have a Happy Weekend!


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