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Friday Favorites 3.16.18 – Walmart Finds

Yay, it’s Friday!

This week has been so odd. With two snow days from the lovely Nor’easters that have been hitting off Spring in Maine this week to traveling for a conference, my schedule has been all over the place. Even though, I may not have worked a full week I am still excited for Friday! Each Friday I try to reflect back on my week and highlight the favorite moments and products that made this week great. This week is extra special because I have decided on a Friday Favorites Walmart finds edition! Show out to all my Walmart treasure hunters out there.

There is no secret that I enjoy treasure hunting at Walmart. I enjoy it so much that I have created an Instagram profile solely for showcasing the treasures I find. Lately, they have been stepping up their game with great trendy pieces for an affordable price. I have wrapped up my personal favorites of the week into a nice little blog package.

One. Throw Blanket.

With Spring supposedly right around the corner, Walmart is putting a lot of their winter items on clearance. Their throw blankets are specifilally marked down a great amount. I found this super comfortable knit throw blanket by Better Homes and Gardens for only $5! I have always wanted to create a knit blanket on my own but do not have the attention span to finish the project. I do, however, have the attention span to go clearance shopping at Walmart, so it all worked out!

Two. Pine Cat Litter.

Yes, I am officially a crazy cat lady who talks about her kittens’ litter. Recently, I was chatting with my sister about her new cat that she adopted at a local shelter. She told me that they did not use average kitty litter but wood pellets instead. They help with the scent and dust as well as don’t get stuck in the cat’s paws. As I was going to pick up more litter at the store I saw that they had this pine litter along with other various natural material versions. I haven’t changed the box yet, but I am excited to try it out. I’ll keep you posted.

Three. Plant Stand.

I think I mentioned this in last week’s favorites, but I am in love with these rose gold plant stands. They are so trendy and aesthetically pleasing. I can’t rave about them enough. Unfortunately, I cannot find this online for some reason but it was only $4.88!

Four. Time and Tru.

Walmart has released a new clothing line called Time and Tru and it is a total hit! They have some super cute blouses that you wouldn’t think Walmart would supply. I also picked up a couple of simple v-neck tshirts, which I usually have a hard time pulling off and they fit me so well! I have been dying to snack this top, but cannot seem to find it in my local stores!

Five. Area Rug.

Area Rug Walmart Finds

I love this black and white area rug, it fits perfectly in my little dining area! Plus it matches my cats, which is always an important thing to consider when picking out home decor. This was a great option for a high traffic area rug for a good prices, unlike the one I have from Target in my living that I rave about in my living room wishlist.

Have you ever found some incredibly Walmart finds that people would never expect?! Share them with my on my personal Instagram and Twitter and don’t forget to check out my newest Instagram, Went to Walmart, to keep up to date on all the treasures I find!

Happy Hunting!


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