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Friday Five 2.23.18

Friday Five 2.23.18

Friday Five is back featuring this week’s favorites. This week has had its share of ups and downs but keeping with the power of positivity I decided to showcase all the things that brought me happiness this week.

One. Sweet Orange Oil.

Photo Courtesy of GrayTest_Essentials

If you’ve seen my Essential Oils & Diffusers post you know that I am a sucker for sweet orange essential oil. Its citrus aroma is energizing and encourages positivity. I dab some drops on my neck and wrists each morning to get me pumped for the day.

Two. Myself.

Every day is a good day to appreciate yourself. Therefore, I am adding myself in as a Friday favorite. Like I will probably whine about a million times in this post, this week has been rough. Taking a step back to appreciate your strengths is pretty empowering.

Three. Fur Babies.

A little over a week ago we got two kittens! On the left you have Archer and the right is baby Pepper. They are 9-week old brothers who enjoy fighting with each other, cuddling their momma (me) and attacking any moving object. My hands and arms are covered in kitten scratches but my heart is full of love for my new fur babies.

Four. Calligraphy.

I have also been turning on my creative light bulb and practicing some hand-drawn flowers and calligraphy. Here is a piece I finished up this week that I adore! Putting down the cell phone and picking up the pencil has been therapeutic.

Five. Back to Brunette.

Five: Brunette Hair

Almost two years ago I took some crazy plunges and chopped off my long hair and bleached it blonde (by a professional don’t worry). It has been an interesting hair journey after that as I tried out blonde, Auburn, and purple hair tones. I have officially dyed it back to as close as my original color as I could get, and I am loving it. Feeling fresh and back to the old me, in a good way!

What were some of your favorite things this week?

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