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Friday Five 12.29.17 : Instagram Idols

Happy Friday! Welcome to my newest addition of “Friday Five” inspired by the beautiful, Sarah from the SarahBelleElizabeth blog. The perfect outlet to break out of my shell and show off what I am loving week by week.

This week has been a short day job week due to the holidays, which I am totally okay with! The new year begins in FOUR DAYS and I am feeling more inspired than ever. I am feeling especially inspired by other bloggers and Instagrammers who are just rocking the game.I believe we were not put on this earth to compete with each other but inspire one another. When I see a person who is where I would like to be I do not turn to jealousy but feel encouraged that my dreams are attainable and that if they are crushing similar goals I can as well!

Bring on the Instagram Feeds

1. ChelseaLeighDamon

Chelsea is a woman raising two little humans and posting about her adorable family. She is from Washington state, and I don’t know if I adore her because her style is very reminiscent of Maine or what. I may also just be jealous about how effortlessly pretty her hair always looks. Not gonna lie, I already praised her on my Instagram (which she graciously responded to) but I am doing it again anyway. Rock on girl!

2. PoppyDeyes

Poppy is a blogger from the UK whose personality really shines through her feed. She is the kind of Instagrammer that you feel like you’re real-life friends with. She is not lacking in photography skills either!

Check out her blog here!

3. KMichaudPhotoDesign

This one is close to my heart. Maybe it is because this is one of my close friends, or that I am also featured on this feed. It could be because Kate is insanely talented as well. It is probably all of the above. I had the pleasure of being a guinea pig for a shoot and she made it so much fun! Her work is as beautiful as she is. But enough ranting! If you live in Maine, or the surrounding areas I shamelessly recommend you check her out!


If it wasn’t for her inspirational ideas I wouldn’t even be writing this post! But in all honesty, I have been following her YouTube channel for a ridiculous amount of years and am basically admitting to being a massive fan-girl. It is always a surprise to see what she is wearing next. Sarah is also pretty darn lucky to have a talented, photo-taking boyfriend. Life goals, am I right?

5. Jadee_Stevens

I admit it! This is another friend of mine. I can’t help it if I have incredibly talented friends, okay?! Jade has an eye for pretty things. She posts her life, travels and all things beautiful. She also has a blog teaching us peasants how to take beautiful pictures like she does! Of course I am going to tell you to go check it out here.

What do all five of these women have in common besides me being jealous of their Instagram feeds? They are themselves. They wholeheartedly love what they do. And their personalities shine throughout each photo posted. Now, guaranteed a lot of work went on behind the scenes of these feeds, but their hard work paid off!

There I go being sappy again. But honestly, Instagram is a hard game. With the ever-changing algorithms and numerous spam accounts it can be hard to get your work noticed. However, with some practice you may just get your feed looking exactly how you want. Head on over to the mess I call my Instagram feed here.

Do you have Instagram feeds you look up to?! Share them with me via social media.

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