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Frugally Fall: $5 Decor for a Festive Home!

Frugally Fall: $5 Decor for a Festive Home!

In celebration of the first day of Fall today, Megan Anne from Love Megan Anne and I decided to collaborate and ring in the new season together!  And with the new season comes the need to redecorate the whole house! However, living paycheck to paycheck makes it difficult to grab everything I find cute in stores. So I thought I would do some budget shopping to find cute fall trinkets all under 5 dollars.

Here are the Fall items I collected:

Mini Plastic Pumpkins – $.97 at Walmart & Woodland Fox – $2.98 at Walmart

Glitter, gold and woodland animals? What else could you need in decorative trinkets?!

Picture Frame – $5 Clearance at Walmart, Leaf Garland – Dollar Tree & Candle Holder – $2.98 at Walmart.

The print within the frame was of my own creation, therefore, it cost me one piece of paper and a couple markers! If you like the print comment below or send a message my way! Especially if you have some funny fall saying that would look great in a frame!

And who could for get the perfect home aroma to bring the beauty of fall inside! After searching through the $2 bin at Walmart for candle wax cubes we settled on three!

Fall scented wax cubes

Better Homes & Gardens always has amazing scents for a steal! After sniffing all the packages until we couldn’t take it, Andrew and I settled on three to bring home. My personal favorite, Cinnamon Stick, Andrew picked out the Apple Pumpkin and we both fell for the Vanilla Cookie Crunch. We have been on a huge Vanilla kick lately and this one smells delicious!

I did pick up a couple extra items, however, they either went over the $5 mark or I am saving it for a fall craft I have in the works so stay tuned for that!

Head on over to Megan Anne’s page to for part two of our first day of fall celebration and her take on Fall Decor on a Budget!

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Vanilla Cookie Crunch Cubes

Apple Pumpkin Cubes

Cinnamon Stick Cubes

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