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The Most Popular Instagram Hashtags for Your Blog

The Most Popular Instagram Hashtags for Your Blog

Lately, I have noticed that the fellow bloggers I follow use certain hashtags more frequently than others. I read an amazing post by Sarah Webb, from Venus Trapped in Mars, about where some popular Instagram hashtags came from. This inspired me to investigate the ones that I see and use the most to see if they are making me or breaking me. I also questioned whether I was using the right ones for blogging and my personal niche. Now it was time to figure out, how does one find the origin of a hashtag.

Popular Instagram Hashtags

There are tags out there that have become so popular that everyone knows them and uses them. This can be great for drawing in a crowd, but it also has the potential of getting lost in all the commotion. Here are a few great tags that have the potential for success and overlooking.

#ThatsDarling // +15 Million Posts

This one is probably the most popular hashtag I have come across. Originally created by Darling Magazine, this hashtag has an array of meanings. It is one of the most versatile tags to use to just promote the darling moments in your life. It is also influential in gaining new followers. Perfect for niches such as lifestyle, travel, style.

#InstaGood // +745 Million Posts

Anything with “insta” is a popular option. Luckily it is so versatile that you can add your niche right along with it and it is an instant hashtag. Looking through my search bag just about every insta-something tag has millions and millions of posts.

#TheHappyNow // +8 Million Posts

This hashtag by The Happy Hunters was created solely for spreading happiness. And honestly, I just like that. I think that Instagram is a beautiful place to share the things we love and spread some joy into everyone’s daily lives.

Niche Hashtags

I believe that each blogger has specific qualities to bring to the table and sometimes generalizing that through basic hashtags can bring uninterested people to your Instagram feed. Nowadays it is all about “finding your tribe” but how are you going to find your tribe if you are using the tags that everyone else in the world is using. So with the exception of the popular ones listed above I will follow up with five of my favorite niche specific tags.

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#[your state]blogger

One of my favorite hashtags as a new blogger is #maineblogger. Using your state in your hashtags is the best way to find like-minded individuals in your area. I just recently began doing this and had no idea how many other bloggers there were in Maine. I have contacted a few and hope to collaborate with fellow blogger ladies in the future!


Hashtag Fashion Instagram

Photo by taymbrown
  1. #ootd // +174M
  2. #fashionblogger // +60M
  3. #fblogger // +6M
  4. #instastyle // +28M
  5. #lookbook // +23M


  1. #makeupjunkie // +11M
  2. #beautyblogger // +13M
  3. #bblogger // +5M
  4. #hairgoals // +4M
  5. #nailsofinstagram // +6M


Photo by happygreylucky
  1. #momlife // +23M
  2. #mommyandme // +2M
  3. #momtribe // +91K
  4. #momswithcameras // +3M
  5. #mommyblogger // +2M


  1. #travelblogger // +17M
  2. #wanderlust // +65M
  3. #adventure // +58M
  4. #travelgram // +63M
  5. #exploretocreate // +12M


  1. #makersgonnamake // +3M
  2. #diy // +33M
  3. #crafty // +2M
  4. #abeautifulmess // +900K
  5. #create // +8M


Photo by foodamyy
  1. #foodie // +84M
  2. #foodporn // +153M
  3. #foodblogger // +17M
  4. #eatingfortheinsta // +1M
  5. #foodstagram // +35M


  1. #fitfam // +84M
  2. #fitspo // +53M
  3. #fitnessblogger // +1M
  4. #girlswholift // +20M
  5. #healthylifestyle // +26M


  1. #justgoshoot // +19M
  2. #picoftheday // +381M
  3. #photographysouls // +4M
  4. #igmasters // +8M
  5. #makeportraits // +6M


Photo by lifeonwaller
  1. #lifestyleblogger // +8M
  2. #bloggerlife // +3M
  3. #ontheblog // +2M
  4. #bloggerstyle // +5M
  5. #pursuepretty // +6M


  1. #girlboss // +9M
  2. #makeithappen // +2M
  3. #entrepenuerlife // +4M
  4. #bosslady // +3M
  5. #workfromhome // +5M

Home Decor & Design

  1. #homedecor // +28M
  2. #instahome // +5M
  3. #designblogger // +133K
  4. #prettythings // +717K
  5. #instainteriors // +400K

Quite honestly, this is just scratching the surface of the Instagram hashtag world. But keeping your posts and hashtags relevant to the other content you create, whatever that may be, is important to keep viewers interested. Cohesive is key. If you haven’t used some of these hashtags before, try them out and let me know if they work for you! Find me on Instagram and see what hashtags I use for each post, as well.

Happy Hashtagging!

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