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Kerasilk Color: Shampoo & Mask Review

Kerasilk Color: Shampoo & Mask Review

Not going to lie, this review kind of just fell into my lap. At my full-time office job there happens to be a salon in the same building. It was their one year anniversary of being in business last week and my co-workers and I decided to be nosy neighbors and check it out. None of us had actually stepped foot into the salon before and let me tell you, it is tranquil modern beauty all rolled into one. If you are ever in the southern Maine area and need a spa day I definitely recommend checking out Mint Salon Block. And as salons do, they had this free shampoo sample if you tagged them on Facebook. Of course I gave in because…it was free!

So let’s get to theĀ  shampoo review.

This little pink package contained: 1 Kerasilk Color Shampoo (30ML) and 1 Kerasilk Color Luster Mask (25 ML), each obviously sample size.

Small samples of Kerasil Shampoo and hair mask

When it came to receiving the sample it only came in the “Color” line which worked for me as I do have color treated hair, however, they did have other lines such as “Control” for an anti-frizz treatment etc. Anyway, first I used the shampoo with smelled so wonderful, just like I had come from the salon (duh captain obvious). Once I shampooed I wasn’t necessarily sure if you are suppose to condition or use the mask as your conditioner. I opted for just the mask. I used a majority of the small jar as I have super thick hair but I do still have a little extra left over. It says to apply it to wet or towel dried hair for 5-10 minutes, therefore I put it on before I shaved my legs which was a long process as I hadn’t shaved in quite some time! Once finished, I rinsed thoroughly and towel dried.

Now comes the results.


Being the amateur beauty blogger that I am, this was the only photo I took after the fact. However, if you know me at all my hair is a lion’s mane. Thick, frizzy and everywhere. Usually I have to immediately straighten or wait for the day after a shower until my hair actually looks presentable, however, after minimal styling my hair was smooth and soft! It was a miracle. I even woke up this morning and didn’t have to re-style whatsoever. I don’t think it made a huge difference from my normal hair routine, but either way it is nice to treat yourself!

If you are interested in trying to like or would like to purchase the full size Goldwell Kerasilk containers here are some links:

Goldwell Kerasilk Color Shampoo 8.4oz

Goldwell Kerasilk Intensive Luster Mask 6.7oz

Have you every tried this hair treatment or any others?

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