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Kickass Goals for the End of 2017

The end of the year is fast approaching and to be brutally honest, my new years resolutions took the backseat in February. With my new job, trying to make the best out of what little summer there is in Maine and all the responsibilities that come with being an adult time has flown by. Now that I have been feeling more settled, motivation has begun to peak and I am so ready to conquer some goals.

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The Goals

  1. Kick Ass
    • The title gives it away. I just want to simply kick ass. Work harder, love more and spread happiness. Whatever you think makes you a kick ass human being, do it.
  2. Actually Create a Blog
    • Again, another obvious goal (how unique). But seriously, my whole life I had pipe dreams of being a journalist or writer and have created blogs just to be too nervous to post and they end up getting deleted. I want to create something I can proudly show others, something that will become mine. First step, this post. Look at me kicking ass.
  3. Be Myself
    • Oy, these goals just keep getting sappier. But seriously. I am 26 years old and am in the middle of realizing I have tried to impress people my whole life and deciding to not give a fuck. Back to not creating a blog, I was too scared people in my real life would judge me. Well guess what? I do not care anymore. I am going to do this for me.
  4. Buy a Couch
    • Didn’t see this one coming did you? I live in a small one bedroom apartment and my living room is adorned with crappy, broken, mismatched furniture. You know how they say having matching underwear can make you feel like a girlboss? Well matching couches will for sure make me feel like a more put together adult.
  5. Workout, Lose Weight etc.
    • In the past eight months, 25 pounds has magically latched onto my body. So simply enough I would like to fix that.
  6. Be a Part of a Girl Tribe
    • I created my Twitter about a week ago and already have over 70 amazing bloggers following me. Not only would I love for this number to increase (shameless self promotion) but would love to interact with these ladies more. Not gonna lie, girlfriends in the real world can be catty. This online lady blogger tribe is beautifully uplifting to say the least.
  7. Give Myself Time
    • Last but not least is lucky number seven. I want to give myself time. Time to create and get my ideas out there. Time with my wonderful boyfriend and family. Time to be in the present, on adventures and overall just mentally taking care of myself. Work hard, relax harder.

This list is unconventional, but its how I plan on rounding out my 2017! What do you plan on doing to make your year end as kick ass as possible?

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