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Dream Living Room Wishlist for New Home | Decor & More

Dream Living Room Wishlist for New Home | Decor & More

I am moving! Goodbye apartment life and hello house! While the responsibilities of being a homeowner loom over me, I break through that cloud and daydream about living room decor instead.

I have been obsessed with watching HGTV lately and have fallen in love with Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper. So of course, that home decor line at Target is calling my name! Check out my favorites from the Hearth & Hand by Magnolia line. With this being said, the first task on my list is gray walls. I need gray walls

Once they are all painted comes the fun part of decorating a creating the vibe I want my home to have. So far my taste has become very eclectic with accent pieces and pops of colors. Sort of like a boho-modern-farmhouse feel…is that a thing?

Living Room Wishlist

First item on the list is an area rug! An area rug can really tie a room together and searching for the perfect one that my boyfriend will also agree on is going to be difficult. The decision on whether to go minimalist or tapestry will be the hardest decision. Let me know which one you like best!

Disclaimer: Click on the pictures for affiliate links to purchase any items you like!


Lighting is everything! Unfortunately, there are no light fixtures in the living room which means that finding lamps is incredibly important. However, this means that I just need to do some more shopping. I am obsessed with these adjustable floor lamps, they are not only sleek looking but versatile for any space. Industrial lighting is eye-catching as well.


A lot of the living room furniture that we currently have are from my sister. They work for now, and I got a pretty nice leather couch out of the deal but there are a few pieces that I would love to upgrade eventually.

Wall Art

This is the most exciting part for me. Living in an apartment it is more difficult to decorate the walls they way you want, sometimes there are guidelines of what you can and cannot do. In other cases, wall space is just so scarce you can’t put any nice pieces. But forget about that! Now owning a home has allowed me tons of space to hang some wall art. Tapestries and woven pieces are my absolute favorite!

Living Room Decor Accents

The smallest object can really bring the whole room together. That is why finding fun accents are the best part of decorating a room. Guaranteed I have no idea what I would actually do with the items listed below, but I love them regardless!

As this post progressed the more I realized that my personal style is all over the place. However, random decor just may be the spice of life. What item is your favorite?

Stay tuned for a living room reveal in the future!

Happy Decorating!

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