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Third Month Blogging | Making Money & Finding My Niche

Third Month Blogging | Making Money & Finding My Niche

My THIRD Month Blogging

It is that time of the month again, the blogging update. Like every month there are strides and there are setbacks as I continue working towards building my blog. Overall, my first half of November towered over my whole month of October, this was an exciting improvement! Let’s get into it.

Last’s Month’s Goals: And Did I Accomplish Them?

  • Reach 15 Followers on Pinterest: So Close!
  • Hit 1,500 Followers on Twitter: Also, Incredibly Close!
  • Hit 300 Followers on Instagram: Once again, close but no cigar.
  • Create an Email Newsletter: Nope

Stats & Gains

Instagram: 280 Followers (28 new followers)

Twitter: 1,397 Followers (232 new followers)

Pinterest: 14 Followers & 27.3k Monthly Views (8 new followers and + 20.7k views)

Am I Making Money?

I am not looking to get rich quick, and these stats prove just that. I have, however, taken on a couple more affiliate programs. This is very much still in the beginning stages and I am still learning how to make the best of these opportunities.

ShopStyle Collection Affiliate: $0.00

Amazon Affiliate: $0.00

Target Affiliate: $0.00

Google Adsense: $0.08

Blog Statistics

I have currently signed on for a one-year self-hosted subscription with SiteGround after taking advantage of their one-month trial opportunity which most other self-hosted sites do not provide. So far, I have made great gains by doing so!

Views: 221

Visitors: 142

Likes: 4

Comments: 22

Doubling my visitors has been a very motivating turn of events, I guess hard work pays off after all!

Web Hosting

Setting Next Month’s Goals

Setting goals each month is a great way to stay accountable and to keep track of your progress. I am excited to look back a year down the road to see where it all started.

Reach 20 followers on Pinterest

Hit 1,600 followers on Twitter

Reach 300 blog views in the month of December

Create a Facebook Group

Finding My Niche

Three months ago when I created Fall for MaineĀ I had no clue what it was going to become, and I am still pretty unsure. However, it has evolved slowly from a beauty blog into something more my style. With exciting moves coming in 2018 I would like to see Fall for Maine become a lifestyle, home decor niche that features all the things I adore.

This Month’s Top Posts

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia by Joanna Gaines

Gilmore Girls Gift Guide

Essential Oils & Diffusers I Love

Tayla Tip

A budding feature I plan on doing each month on a tip that I have learned along the way.

Join Facebook Groups and participate! Getting involved with the several groups who have to follow pods can be daunting, however, they provide amazing results in traffic to your blog!

And as always, don’t forget to connect with me on all social media platforms linked above! With the holidays surrounding us stay tuned for several gift guides, I have planned for December!




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