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Meet Archer & Pepper: My New Kittens

Meet Archer & Pepper: My New Kittens

I got kittens and it’s kind of a big deal. Such a big deal that I decided to write a whole blog post all about them.¬†Sorry dog lovers but I am a 100% cat mom.

The Kittens



The kittens are from the same litter which makes them brothers from the same mother. However, they are completely different little fur babies with their own personalities. They are 10-weeks old and have just transitioned into their new home at our house about two weeks ago. They eat soft kitty food and have already had their first bath (it went okay).

Meet Archer

Archer is a stud. Is that weird to say about your cat? But either way, he is definitely the man of the house. He had an accident where the tip of his tail fell off but it hasn’t phased him one bit! Archer is very vocal and meows profusely when hungry. He is a fighter and is never the first to back down. His claw control needs some work as he is also the first to scratch the heck out of you when playing. Regardless, he is a sweet boy.


Pepper is my fluff ball. Out of numerous litters, he is the one and only fluffy cat which makes him one of a kind! He is the more curious out of the two, never afraid to check out new spaces and climb to higher ground. He likes to start the fights but hates to actually get beat up by his brother. Pepper loves to snuggle, he will be the first to curl up on your chest when it’s bedtime. It is a sure thing that he will give us a run for our money.

I have waited years to have pets again and these two boys are everything I could have asked for. Stay tuned for updates, cat products and just being an obsessive cat mom!

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