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Travel Recap: A Visit to Maine’s Most Popular County Fair

Travel Recap: A Visit to Maine’s Most Popular County Fair

I am not sure about other states, but in Maine there is one county fair that trumps them all. People come near and far to walk the fairgrounds and showcase livestock. Plus to eat all of the food. The Fryeburg Fair is the go to event to kick off fall in Maine. Through my day job I got the opportunity to work a shift at the fair at our state 4-H booth. Therefore, if having a day out of the office wasn’t exciting enough, it was a day getting paid to walk around the greatest fair in Maine. Come on, how cool is that?

wide view of people walking in county fair with ferris wheel in background

Since my job is not just goofing off at the fair. Talking to people and raising money was the big task at hand. I am pleased to report that we reached our goal! We were given the opportunity to not only get the word out about 4-H and all the things it offers. Seeing what other vendors had to offer was a treat as well. Drawing the lucky straw, I was able to team up with an old advisor of mine who is a pro at asking people for money! To be even luckier we were assigned the specialty food building, therefore, I got to see all the foods created locally.

Locally Made Food at the County Fair

Wozz Kitchen Creations

Owlive Oil

Better Than Average Jams

Jarva Cakes

First of all, these vendors were extremely generous and donated to 4H! As well as catching my eye at their creative creations! Yes, there is a Moxie jam that I may just have to try. My co-workers and I got the opportunity to get some fair cuisine for lunch. French fries are always a hit when it comes to hair food, but I personally stopped in my tracks when I caught a glimpse of the blooming onion cart. Of course, you’ve gotta wash down your blooming onion with old-fashioned, straight from the barrel cream soda at Bayou Billy’s.

Furthermore, the day was successful in the charitable department. However, as a result, it was successful for my food cravings too. More fall themed events are in the works, so stay tuned!

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