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How Wearing No Makeup For One Week Improved My Self-Confidence

How Wearing No Makeup For One Week Improved My Self-Confidence

There came a point where I no longer liked my appearance. Though makeup helped I still felt lacking in my self-confidence, and going without was not an option. The acne was increasing and my skin health depleting. Even though this downfall can be attributed to overall digestive health, makeup tends to clog pores as well. Especially if you forget to wash your face consistently like I do.

The ultimate way to give your face a break is to stop applying makeup. Which is exactly what I did.

Changes I Experienced

  • I could touch my face!
    • No concerns on wiping off my foundation or smearing my eyeliner. If I had an itch, I could scratch it without being fearful that my face would turn into an abstract painting. The freedom was miraculous.
  • My acne dwindled.
    • Admittedly, I touch my face a lot. A weird habit that I have adapted throughout the years. As a result of this unhealthy habit, my chin and jawline became riddled with acne. Though going without makeup has not completely solved the issue, it has cleared up quite a bit from where I started.
  • Calmer morning routine.
    • My morning routine tends to be laying in bed way past my alarm and then rushing to get ready in the last 20 minutes. Not an ideal timeline for hair and makeup. Once I stopped applying my face every morning my routine became less rushed. Leaving more time to fix up my hair and pick out my clothes without going into a full-on panic.

To really amp up my morning routine I could just stop doing my hair too. Just kidding, that will never happen.

Face Cleanser I Use

Obviously going with makeup or without a face cleanser is still needed. For this experiment I consistently washed my face daily with Garnier Skin Active Blackhead Eliminating Scrub.  Advertised as a blackhead eliminating scrub for oily skin, it works perfectly to tone down the shine that I usually experience throughout the day. Keeping my face fresh and oil free.

How My Self-Confidence Boosted

Most mornings I wake up, look in the mirror and immediately head to the makeup basket. Eyes have dark circles, my lashes are too faint and my chin acne is taking over the world. But as the week started flying by those things didn’t bother me as much. I began looking in the mirror and thinking “well this is my face” instead of all the things that needed to be covered up. I stopped caring about people didn’t think I looked put together. Or others saying “wow you look tired” which is the ultimate expression of “damn girl put some makeup on”.

I went into this experiment just looking to detox my face and clear up some acne that had gotten out of control. However, it became more important that I accepted what my face looked like in its natural beauty rather than how the world felt about it. Being all natural improved my self-confidence and how I view my appearance more than I could imagine. I am by no means giving up makeup, however, I am looking at its importance a little differently now. That is all I could ask for.

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2 thoughts on “How Wearing No Makeup For One Week Improved My Self-Confidence”

  • You look so beautiful, with and without makeup! I never used to wear makeup and found my complexion looked better and it clears up after a week or so of not wearing it! When I started to wear it every day I swear my face went downhill haha but I love the creative freedom and glowy looks you can create so now I am addicted to wearing it haha! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like! :D)

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