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Timeless Non-Candy Easter Basket Essentials (Under $20) for All Ages

Timeless Non-Candy Easter Basket Essentials (Under $20) for All Ages

In my day my Easter basket wasn’t nearly as amped up as they are nowadays (says a millennial who isn’t even that old). With more businesses creating themed products for each holiday you can create a gorgeous and timeless Easter basket essentials that kids of all ages will love!

Like most holidays everything seems to be surrounded by themed candy. And while a treat is great every now and then it is not practical or healthy to just load up a basket with every chocolate possible (as much as I would love to eat it all myself). Being more conscious of your basket fillers is a great way to encourage healthier lifestyles while also appreciated the timeless and thoughtful gifts given.

All About the Easter Basket.

I don’t know if this is technically a child’s favorite part, they most likely prefer what is inside. But to really pull the whole look together you need some cute basket options. It is a great idea to snag baskets that can be re-used for other purposes once they are emptied out.

Willow Easter Basket

White Willow Basket – $6.00

Unfinished Easter Basket – $2.99

Basket Fillers for Littles

Most Easter baskets are filled with miscellaneous junk. Making the most out of your child’s baskets with reusable items and thoughtful gifts will last longer than the dollar toy they will lose in an hour.

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Fabric Bunnies (Blue & Pink) – $5.00


Bamboo Bunny Plate Set – $19.99

Bunny Flower Crown – $25.50

Knit Bunny Rattle – $13.95


Basket Fillers for Older Ages

Though Easter baskets may seem like just a gift for the little kids there are some great essentials you can round up for a more adult basket style as well.

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Spring Nail Polish – $9.00

Headphones – $5.00

Glass Water Bottle – $12.99

Bunny Ring Holder – $16.99


Bunny Socks – $3.95

Mother/Daughter Bunny Necklace Set – $68.00

(I know this is a little over the price range. But come on, how sweet!)

Regardless of age, there are always great options to make their Easter basket as special as possible. What are some of your favorite items to fill your baskets with? Connect with me on Instagram or Twitter and show them off!

Happy Easter!


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