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Practically Perfect Mary Poppins Halloween Costume

Practically Perfect Mary Poppins Halloween Costume

Last year I was Mary Poppins for a friends party and created my own look along with my male counterpart, Bert.

I know some people who are wildly obsessed with Halloween and go all out when it comes to costumes. These people are not me. So once Halloween rolls around I usually enjoy creating a costume out of what is hiding in the back of my closet. Or checking out the local thrift shops for perfect pieces.

DIY Mary Poppins look
Mary Poppins Transformation Essentials


Hat was my own purchase awhile a back that I never had a purpose for. An impulse buy so to speak. However, I used a fake daisy I had lying around the house and some red ribbon to complete the look. I also grabbed a pair of black tights and black heels I had in my closet. Snag an umbrella or an oversized bag and your look is complete!

Mary Poppin’s Make-up

Both Mary Poppins and I have the whole natural look in comment. However, her beautifully blushed cheeks and red lips are iconic! I went out my basic make up routine with a little jazz as I bumped up the rosy cheeks and added some fake eye lashes to exaggerate the look.
Now we can’t forget about my handsome and charming Chimney Sweep sidekick!

Essentials You’ll Need



I grabbed dark eye shadow from a palette I had and dusted it on his cheek and forehead creating the ashy fresh from the chimney chute look and the outfits were complete!

Have you created your own Mary Poppins in Halloween’s past? Send me your looks via Twitter! 

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