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The Ins & Outs of Skyrocketing Your Blog Traffic with Pinterest Group Boards

The Ins & Outs of Skyrocketing Your Blog Traffic with Pinterest Group Boards

In the world of blogging it is all about collaboration. Without people viewing your boards and re-pinning your pins there would be no blog traffic. I would say about 75% of my blog traffic comes from Pinterest alone. Come on, it is truly taking over the world. Yet, there is still a corner of Pinterest that is both known and unknown all at the same time. Pinterest Group Boards.

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I follow a lot of Facebook Groups that help bloggers get ahead. And I see the “What is a Pinterest Group Board” questions come up A LOT! Not only that, but I see a lot of bloggers asking to join each other’s boards, which is great but there are steps that need to be taken to do so. Today I delve into all of that.

What are Pinterest Group Boards?

A Pinterest Group Board is just a normal board that has more than one contributor pinning to it. Some boards are just general, some are niche specific and others are strictly for bloggers. You don’t necessarily need to be a blogger to join a group board. The whole concept is to exchange ideas with others, regardless of your profession.

Why Join?

Now one of the biggest questions is are these boards worth your time? This is all from personal experience and opinion, but the answer is yes. The reason you should join is the exact definition of what a Pinterest group board is. A board that allows multiple people to pin their posts also means that multiple people are seeing those pins. More eyes on your content is never a bad thing.

Viewers in group boards are there for a specific reason, to get the information that that group board is specified for. When you pin a post to these boards your viewers are people who are looking for the exact information you are sharing, therefore, they are more apt to click on your post! It is the perfect way to specify your audience and really deliver what interests them.

How to Get Involved

How to Join Pinterest Group Boards

Most boards are created by one sole “owner”. This owner can invite others to become contributors. Which means you have permission to pin to the board. There are usually rules to Pinterest group boards dependent on the owner’s specifications. Things like “can only pin twice a day, or restricted to this niche” are common rules that group boards may have. Like mine above it is a very new group board. I only have myself as a contributor. So if you are a fellow DIY blogger or want to just share your DIY experiences and ideas email me or comment below and I will gladly add you to this DIY blogger babes Pinterest group board. Okay, back to the information.

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Once a group board has a lot of contributors the owner is more likely to put guidelines such as a pin limit but it is truly up to the creator! Now that you have become a contributor it is all smooth sailing! You can pin just like you normally would and the group board will show up in your board options, again just be mindful of each boards’ rules.

Top Pinterest Group Boards to Join

Just like everything else in the blogging board finding your niche is always followed by finding your tribe. The best part of the blogging community is we are able to share ideas with each other and inspire through sharing our experiences. Pinterest group boards are no different and there is a board for every niche.

An amazing tip I learned from fellow bloggers is to use PinGroupie! PinGroupie is the motherload to finding the perfect Pinterest board for you. You have the option to enter in the niche you are interested in and they supply hundreds of results. It is amazing. Here are a few that I have found along my Pinterest travels.

There are so many amazing group boards that this is truly just scratching the surface. Your favorite bloggers may have their own group boards you can join or just simply scour Pinterest or PinGroupie to find boards you love. As always if you want to see what I pin (mostly home decor and blogging tips) you can find me here.

A final note. Pinterest Group Boards can provide so much more than just boosting your own personal blog traffic. There is more opportunity to share other content you create such as items on Etsy like I do. Along with the perfect venue to find amazing ideas and insight on just about everything.

If you feel like you are running out of ideas Pinterest is always a great outlet to muster up creativity, along with a new FREE product I will be launching this Wednesday! A monthly blogging content calendar for when you have no idea what to write!

If you have any boards that you want to share with me and/or the blogging community be sure to find me on Facebook or like my Behind the Blog Facebook Group to share your boards with everyone there.

Happy Collaborating!




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