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Choosing SiteGround Over BlueHost | The Perfect Fit for Beginner Bloggers

In the blogging community one of the biggest business decisions is which self-hosted site to go with. And when it comes to spending over $100 for a year subscription this decision can become pretty daunting. I took to my fellow bloggers to read reviews and decide which one I felt fit my requirements best and ultimately chose SiteGround.

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As a newbie, my requirements were not that extensive. I want it to work and be comprehensive.

Through my research I realized that the biggest contenders were SiteGround and BlueHost. It all came down to a good old fashion pro and con list. (Please note all screenhots have SiteGround on top and BlueHost posted below) The biggest thing (for me) being…



Each package listed above is for one full year subscription with WordPress hosting. If you haven’t noticed that is quite the difference, about a $277.61 difference to be precise. Now it may be different depending on which blogging site you choose, WordPress is my outlet of choice.

Next thing that I hadn’t thought to consider until reading other blogger reviews was…


This may just be me being picky, however, the first thing that stood out to me when looking for this to screenshot was how BlueHost immediately voices they prefer you to figure it out first before contacting them. In all honesty, that could just be me being snobby. But in all reality, my experience with tech support has been great, they respond incredibly fast and take into consideration that some of us may not be as tech savvy as the rest.

One thing that can either make or break traffic to your blog is how fast it loads. You don’t want your viewers heading over to your site just for it to not load, that does not send good impressions.


Seeing as I do not have a BlueHost account I do not have a screenshot of exactly the percentages ones site may be. However, when looking into their system alerts page it does state “The following alerts are provided to keep you informed of server outages.” which makes me believe they may have some frequent issues.


Once again, I can not truly say what BlueHost provides when it comes to safety. However, I am knowledgeable in the fact that SiteGround advocates for your technological safety the whole way through.

Site Transfer

Some may already have a blog that is not self-hosted. Whether it be through Wix, Blogger, WordPress or another blogging outlet. For myself, I started with WordPress.com. Not only to get my feet wet for free but also because through my extensive research I knew it would be one of the easiest to transfer. SiteGround made this even easier. 

When selecting WordPress hosting, their tech support will transfer everything over for you on their end. It literally only takes 10 minutes. There is some clean up, however, the overall transfer is incredibly easy. The variety of beautiful themes offered by WordPress.org is a plus as well.

The WordPress Experience

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If you are like me and started out on WordPress, I encourage you to continue on with that route! SiteGround provides a one click option to transfer your WordPress to self-hosted. They also provide auto updates so you always have the latest version without having to think about it. And they keep you posted on all plugin updates, hack security and overall management. Plus, did I mention the adorable variety of free theme designs?!

In Conclusion

SiteGround prides themselves in being faster, safer and better in the aspects that I have stated above. So far, they have not proven me otherwise.

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Which self-hosted site do you use, are you an advocate for them or considering making the switch? Each blogger has their own set of likes, dislikes and necessities when it comes to providing their best products. SiteGround is one of my necessities!

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Happy Blogging!

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