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Six Tips I Learned in Six Months of Blogging

Six Tips I Learned in Six Months of Blogging

The past six months have been an adventure! This month I am doing things a little different, instead of a drawn out progress report I decided to go with what the beginning stages of blogging have taught me. Of course, I will finish it off with my normal stats.

One. It’s Okay to Switch Up Your Blogging Style.

Starting out I had a very vague sense of what my niche would be and how I would style myself. As I became more comfortable with my creative side that sense began to shift. Some may say to stick to one niche or aesthetic, but I say that if you aren’t loving the style you are showcasing…then fix it. It is only going to hurt you in the long run if you don’t.

Two. Pinterest is your Best Friend.

I had always heard that Pinterest could make your blogging career but wasn’t exactly sure how true that was. Then I found Tailwind App. A site that helps you schedule all of your pins so you don’t have to be attached to your phone all day. Now I would say that 80% of my views come from Pinterest with only small amount of effort on my part.

Three. Tell Your Friends and Family.

I was super self-conscious when I started my blog. I was even kind of embarrassed. I created a new Twitter account and didn’t follow any friends. But over time they found me, and they thought my site was cool. Though most still view it as just one of my hobbies, it is still fun to be able to refer to things I am doing without feeling shy.

Four. Join All the Affiliate Programs.

You never know what opportunities working with brands are out there until you try. I showcased some Affiliate Marketing Blogging Tips for beginners in a recent post, and it has evolved even more sense. The more you apply for campaigns and affiliate programs the bigger chance you get to work with brands. It doesn’t hurt to try.

Five. Quality Pictures are Everything.

In this age of technology, viewers enjoy pretty pictures more than just a bunch of words. Just recently I amped up a couple of my blog photos and those posts have gotten more screen time than any in the months before. If you are like me grab a talented photographer friend and have them take some photos for you, or search out a quality camera for yourself (which is also in the cards for my 2018 blogger goals). Having a visual to what you are trying to say can really keep your readers coming back for more. Bonus Tip: Light and bright seem to be the biggest hits when it comes to photography aesthetics.

Six. Have Fun with It.

Blogging Fun

I don’t know about you but the more I stress about creating content the harder the writer’s block hits me. Allow yourself to relax and not feel obligated to create half-ass content just because it fits into your blog schedule. I find that the more I read fellow bloggers posts and just let the inspiration flow I create more quality content that not only make my readers happy but give me joy as well.

On to the Progress Report

Expert bloggers tend to create monthly income reports to share with viewers in hopes to help them take away from their own experiences. This is something I love looking into. I find it intriguing to see other bloggers succeed and make a living wage doing what they love. This is something I hope to accomplish one day, and use every day as an opportunity to progress towards that.

However, as a beginner blogger, I prefer to call it a “Progress Report”. I may not be making the big bucks this month, but I am making more than I ever had. To me, that is progress!

Like every month there are strides and there are setbacks as I continue working towards building my blog.

I recommend to fellow bloggers who would like to build their blogs as well to definitely go self-hosted! I personally use SiteGround and detail why I made this decision in my post Choosing SiteGround over Bluehost.

Web Hosting

Last Months Goals: Did I Accomplish Them?

  • Strive for 1,000 monthly blog views in February: Unfortunately not.
  • Create more Email Content: I dropped the ball on this, too.
  • Hit 350 Instagram Followers: So freaking close!
  • Hit 100 Pinterest Followers: Almost!

Not gonna lie, my percentage of accomplishing the goals I set is at an all-time low. However, I will not feel discouraged because I have made my own small victories that have me super excited for the next few months!

Social Media Stats & Gains

Instagram: 339 Followers (+31)

Twitter: 1,492 Followers (-10)

Pinterest: 83 Followers and 31.2k Views (+27 and +1.7k)

Facebook: 194 Followers (+22)

I took the plunge and invited all 300 something of my living facebook friends to like my blog page. Like I mentioned in my tips above I am ditching the shy act and showing the world that I am a blogger. So far about 20 have accepted the request…so I am working on it.

Am I Making Money?

I still refer to myself as a beginner blogger so the trial and error are in full effect.

This month I have been all about the Bloglovin Activate Program.

If you use Bloglovin already then you most likely have the low-down but if you don’t, of course, I will give you the deets. It is an area to make a profile based on your blog and apply for campaigns that brands will advertise for. They could be for a certain blog post, Instagram picture or Twitter blast. You have 500 words to pitch to the brand why you are the perfect candidate and then sit and cross your fingers hoping you get chosen. Pitching myself is a trick that I am in the process of working on!

Regardless I landed my first gig that was more Twitter-based and received $50.00 which is really exciting. The only thing is that I won’t get this money until April, which is fine I am just warning those of you who are looking for cash now.

Favorite Affiliate of the Month

Once again, Target has my heart. Surprise, Surprise. The trick is to link products to your posts to items that your readers will love. The more you encourage people to buy using your links the more commission you make. It is a pretty sweet deal, especially if you are a shopaholic like me.

They supply you with banners to sneak into your posts just like I am about to do right now.

And of course I have to mention Influenster.

Because they are awesome and I received my very first VoxBox which is an amazing opportunity to work for brands you would have never thought of! Check out all the deets on my recent Influenster VoxBox post!

Setting Next Month’s Goals

Besides my recent failures at accomplishing mini-goals it is still good to keep the hope alive.

February Top Posts

New Home Inspiration

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Ordering Succulents Online

And I will skip the Tayla tip for this month because I just gave you six fabulous tips above! How are you feeling about your blogger journey so far? Let me know in the comments and/or social media platforms! Keep chugging, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.



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