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I Ordered Succulents Online | Did They Survive the Trip from California to Maine?

I Ordered Succulents Online | Did They Survive the Trip from California to Maine?

I adore succulents. They are the epitome of adorable Instagram pictures everywhere. They also add an aesthetically pleasing way to bring nature into our homes. Unfortunately, Maine doesn’t offer as big of a variety of succulents and cacti than other warmer states might. So when an ad popped up on my Facebook thread advertising to get your monthly dose of cacti beauty shipped to your door, I jumped at the opportunity.

Succulent Studios

Succulent Studios is a monthly subscription box that sends succulents to your doorstep each month for $10, plus shipping of course. Their plants are all grown in sunny California with the utmost care. Each box comes with two baby succulents safely packaged in a cardboard box. This is something I found particularly interesting seeing as I am in Maine and was curious if they would actually survive their journey. Spoiler alert, they did!

Succulent Studios Packaging

The Plants

Once you click “send” and your new babies are on their way you realize that you have no idea what they will look like. This is bittersweet. You either are excited for the surprise factor, or wishing you could pick the exact cactus you are looking for. Either way, they are still cute.

Each plant comes in a small plastic container. Which means you will need to transplant into your preferred pot. That just means an excuse to shop some more, works for me!

These babies traveled across the country so they weren’t as perky as some would imagine. Especially since my mail person left them in my mailbox in negative degree weather. You may notice that the right one is slightly wilted. However, Succulent Studios provides easy care instructions right on their packaging to ensure that they are well taken care of.

Why Buy?

You know the who and the what, but why am I telling you this? Like stated above, succulents are adorable. The epitome of pretty Instagram feeds and all that jazz. They are also incredibly beneficial to the air we breath.

Plants release oxygen. Through doing so they are cleansing the air around us, creating purer air for our lungs to breathe in. In a great article by Red Online, it is stated that succulents are specifically beneficial during the nighttime hours. This is due to the fact that most plants during nighttime hours, like humans, release carbon dioxide. However, succulents continue producing oxygen all through the night. Putting these plants in your bedroom ensures that you are breathing in cleansing oxygen as you sleep.

Along with oxygen, moisture is also released into the atmosphere through plants. Helping prevent diseases through a humidifier type effect. Cool, huh?

Planter Ideas

But enough about the science of it all. Now for the fun part! As stated above, when ordering through this succulent subscription box they do no provide planters for you, so you are on your own. However, I personally recommend getting pots that give the succulents some space to grow as they are fairly small when sent. Here are a few that I am considering!

The more I pick things out for these posts the more I realize how industrial my style is becoming. I love things made from heavy duty materials like wood, brass and leather. I guess it’s just my thing!

Either way, I would scatter my home with all of these planters. Of course to cleanse the air, but also to just make my house look a little more badass.

Will I continue my succulent subscription next month?

Probably not. Once the season gets a little warmer the local nursery’s will start supplying enough cacti to please my house plant desires. It was a fun experiment to see if they would actually survive their trip from California to Maine but that was pretty much the most exciting part. Don’t get my wrong, I like the plants I got but it doesn’t seem necessary to get two plants every single month unless you are a die hard fan. So you could say, it was fun while it lasted.

Want to see how else I would decorate my home? I put together a Dream Living Room Decor wishlisht! I am pleased to announce that I did end up purchasing a rug from that very list and am super pleased with it! Check out my Instagram, because I can guaranteed you will be seeing a lot of that rug over there.

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