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Stunning Opalhouse Favorites at Target (Per Collection) That Will Lift Your Spirits

Stunning Opalhouse Favorites at Target (Per Collection) That Will Lift Your Spirits

It is officailly Friday the 13th! My superstitious side is a little nervous, but overall this week has been pretty low key. Knock on wood. I am gearing up for a three day weekend of home renovations and DIY projects (check out my upcycled coffee table) which has subsequently inspired this weeks Friday Favorites. From here on out, each friday I plan to showcase a brand, collection or whatever I am loving this week on the blog. If you have any brands that you can’t get enough of share the love!

If you are like me, you most likely get email updates from Target all about new collections and amazing sales. Me being the ultimate store treasure hunter, I decided to cyber shop and find some of my favorite new and trending products that Target has to offer. This week Target launched a new collection by Opalhouse. After seeing sneak peaks in my email, I had to take a more in-depth look. It is stunning! Here are my favorites.

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Opalhouse is an amazing line of boldly gorgeous home decor pieces. Their tagline alone is beautiful, “create spaces as bold as your spirit”. Interior design is the perfect way to express yourself and with this new collection, you can do just that. The whole line has three individual collections; Indochic, Canyon Sunrise, and Mallorca. Each creating their own decor vibe that you will love.


Target’s website defines Indochic as a French-Vietnamese fusion filled with elegant shapes and sophisticated jewel tones. You had me at jewel tones. I have been dying to add unique color palettes to my home and this just might do the trick.

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Throw Pillows

Opalhouse Indochic Throw Pillows
Like I need more throw pillows! However, the rich velvety tones that Opalhouse is rocking you honestly could glam up an otherwise dull space just with these beautiful accents. With Indochic there is definitely a wild goddess vibe filled with deep blues and greens, golden pieces and woven materials.
Tapestries & Bedding
 The embroidered rug has to be my absolute favorite out of the whole Indochic collection, there is just something about it. And if you are laying your head down at night on a tufted velvet bedspread you are living that luxurious life! Please keep in mind that all items do come in various colors I am just showcasing my favorites!

All of Indochic’s trinkets are filled with panthers and peacocks, which I am not mad about. I will admit that I don’t believe I would put any of those gold trinkets into my own personal home but the ones I did tag are definitely great contenders! Pineapple lamps and taco holders?! So cute.

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Opalhouse Canyon Sunrise Collection

Canyon Sunrise

Target explains Canyon Sunrise as an organic look with its eyes on the southern horizon. A more laid back style filled with pink and orange tones. This collection definitely has that southwestern, Aztec flair that I absolutely adore.

All Things Comfy

Pink Tufted Pillow || Pink Throw || Arm Chair || Tassled Bedspread

The pink southwestern vibes that these throws take on is absolutely stunning. Add more natural materials like the wicker style chair and there is just something so calming and serene about these pieces.

Boho Chic Accessories

Macrame Basket || Cactus || Pink Tumblers|| Frame

Dainty yet powerful is definitely how I feel about the Canyon Sunrise accessories. I need this cactus! I have a hard time keep succulents alive and the usual faux plants are so expensive but this one is so amazing and the perfect prize. Definitely the first on my to get list.


The third and final section of the Opalhouse collection is called Mallorca. Target defines this collection as “It’s all about black & neutrals with contrasting colors. Add intricate details, and, well… A statement to say the least.” While the jewel tones and orange-y pinks were beautiful I think this more neutral collection could really seal the deal for my bank account.

Soft Accessories

Lory Pouf || Striped Bath Rug || Mallorca Pillow || Comforter Set

Uggghhh so pretty. I have always wanted a pouf but have never really had a reason to get one, this may be the reason. That shaped pillow was also immediately added to this post due to the unique beauty. I cannot stand it.

Furniture Staples

Ceiling Light || Ottoman || Chair || Elephant Basket

Each piece really emphasises the contrast between organic materials and soft execution. In the Mallorca collection that elephant basket has got to be my favorite, some examples they showed for uses were a planter, which I adore.

Final Thoughts

I feel as though I need to avoid Target before I buy every single item in this blog post. It is refreshing to see a big box store showcase such a unique and stunning collection and Target has done this once again! Opalhouse has really stepped up their game in the home decorating department and these fresh new styles are perfect for the changing season. Goodbye, paycheck.

What are your favorites from Opalhouse? Which collection is your absolutely favorite? Find me on Instagram and Twitter or comment below, hopefully I will be posting my latest purchases soon!

Happy Spending!



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