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The Ultimate FREE Blogging Content Calendar Printable for When You Can’t Figure Out What to Write

The Ultimate FREE Blogging Content Calendar Printable for When You Can’t Figure Out What to Write

Just recently I have begun writing my posts ahead of time. I may only be prepped a week in advance but it has truly helped wonders. I research and follow a lot of amazing bloggers who have their posts scheduled months in advance and I am so envious of their preparedness and creative flow. For me, I can sometimes have a million blog post ideas that I start and put into my drafts file for later. And other times I have no idea what to write or what would be interesting and trendy. Creating a blogging content calendar is an amazing tool to keep your blog and your creative flow alive.

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A little fun fact about myself, I love to celebrate things. My birthday, your birthday, arbor day…whatever it may be! I also love looking at the National Day Calendar to see what national day celebrations are coming up in the month ahead. In my day job, I am an administrative specialist and try to use these holidays to reference back to the work we do in our office. It is always nice to post content that keeps things festive and fun while also promoting our services. This can be especially true in the blogging world as well. So what am I rambling on about?

Blogging Content Calendar

First off, national day celebrations are days such as “National Taco Day” or “National Bring Your Dog to Work Day”. Fun holidays that make our lives more interesting. I mean who doesn’t love celebrating something every single day. While some of these days are incredibly popular and blow up social media, others are a little bit more obtuse. Regardless, they are great options to create blog content with. Whether you launch a new amazing taco recipe to celebrate or blog about your experience having your puppy run around the office. It is a great starter for a trendy post.

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I have put together a calendar of each month highlighting relative national day holidays that would work as inspiration for blogging niches. Whether you are a food, fashion, mommy or lifestyle blogger (or all of the above) there is always a day to celebrate!

I will be launching calendars quarterly starting in this month, so you can receive three months of content calendar ideas ahead of time to get your creative juices flowing!

April Calendar

I know, I know. April is already underway, but there are still so many days to celebrate. Here are some of my favorites that I have picked out that could be the perfect inspiration for a viral blog post! LOTS of food inspired days this month so this should help out foodie bloggers that are experiencing writer’s block.


May Calendar

May’s main contenders are always Mother’s Day and Cinco De Mayo but there are some other fun themes as well! National Foam Rolling Day could be the perfect inspiration for a fitness blog post and Women’s checkup day is a great time to spread awareness! Either way, there are some gems that could spark your creativity.


June Calendar

June is such a fun month and not just because it is my birthday month (don’t worry I didn’t put it on your calendar haha). There is the first day of summer which is always a hit! And the month ends with National Social Media Day which just seems like a bloggers calling.


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Some National days stay the same each year and others get switched up. There are also always new ones being added all the time. Which always a wonderful thing when that writer’s block just won’t let go. This is the first installment of your free blogging content calendars so stay tuned for July when three more will be released!

Do you have a particular wacky holiday you enjoy celebrating? Let me know in the comments below or find me on Instagram and Twitter to share!

Happy National Holidays!


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