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$25 DIY Upcycled Coffee Table

$25 DIY Upcycled Coffee Table
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When moving into my home I acquired a lot of hand-me-down furniture. Which is great, because it was free! However, they didn’t necessarily go with the home decor theme I am working towards. So I decided to put my DIY cap on and get to work. The whole process cost me less than $25 which is an amazing comparison to brand new coffee tables that can range up to hundreds of dollars! Here is how I upcycled my massive and dark coffee table into a light, aesthetically pleasing beauty.


I have been daydreaming about fixing this thing up since the day I moved in! It is a large, wooden table with this dark stain that is clearly chipping off. However, the light wood underneath really grabbed my attention and I thought that sanding that stain would really bring this table back to life. So I grabbed my tools and got to work.


I got all of my “tools” at Walmart because that is where I get everything. Also, just proving the point that you do not need fancy equipment or expensive furniture to have kick-ass home decor.

Reminder, I did state above that this whole project cost less than $25, this was excluding the price of a new sander as I already had one.


Upcycled Process

Please do not copy my lack of safety techniques as I correctly wear a facemask, however, use slippers as inadequate footwear! When sanding please be sure to wear safe, closed toe shoes along with the facemask to avoid inhaling harsh chemicals. Do as I say, not as I do.

To ensure safety hold sander tightly and press firmly down when sanding. Overall, the sanding took about 5 hours split into two days because it was freezing and windy outside. Once the sanding was complete I moved on to spray painting the legs and lower base of the table, which took two coats along with two cans of spray paint. After letting each coat dry I finished the whole table with the polyurethane in a thin coat to protect the surface.


The final product is EXACTLY how I envisioned this project to come out. After taking the dark stain off the top the natural wood grain is able to shine and the white base really brightens up the whole entire room. It all flows so nicely in the space now with my newly painted white trim. I am so in love. This upcycled piece was not only worth the price but also the accomplishment of my first big DIY project by me!

So skip the high-end shops! You can always find a great piece whether it be from a thrift store, or a hand-me-down like this one and make it your own.

Be sure to follow my social media platforms to see all the DIY projects that I have coming up next, I post my process on Instagram stories so you don’t want to miss that!

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